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Lesson 4. How to Schedule Tasks.


Scheduling is the process of planning your time. First you should look at the time available to you, and then plan how you will use it to achieve your goals. VIP Quality Software will help you ESTIMATE TIME needed for task accomplishment, SET DUE DATE & TIME and ALLOCATE WORKLOAD to maximize your effectiveness and reduce overload stress.

Estimate Time

When you plan a task, you can estimate the time you need to accomplish it. Select a time period from the drop down menu or type it in Estimated Time field, ex.: 5 hours (h), minutes (m) days (d), weeks (w). It will help you allocate workload and compare your estimations with actual time to plan tasks better next time.

Set Due Date and Time

If you want to schedule a task you plan to do once you should activate Due Date box and select radio button Once.

Step 1
Step 2

If you want to schedule a recurring task (ex. the one that occurs each Monday or first week of the month), you should activate Due Date box and select radio button Recurrence.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Your settings will appear in Due Date & Time and Time Left columns.

Time Left of overdue tasks is shown in red color to attract your attention.

Allocate Workload

If you don't want to plan more than you can do and then get stressed because of procrastination and overload, you can allocate your workload. First you should group your tasks by their due date and then display the sum of their estimated time for each date.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Right mouse-click on the empty space under Estimated Time column

Step 4

(Don't forget to set the time display format in menu Tools → Options)

  • Identify the time available for your work. It depends on the job you have and your goals in life.
  • Schedule the high-priority or urgent activities first. Leave enough time for things you absolutely must do as you may find that you have little or no time available for anything else.
  • Plan time for things you take for granted. For example, if you manage people, you must make time available for coaching, supervision, etc.
  • Plan appropriate contingency time. Unpredictable jobs require more contingency time so try to learn how much of this you need by experience.
  • Leave some space in your schedule for interruptions. Give yourself the flexibility to rearrange your schedule and react effectively to issues you face.
  • Schedule on a regular basis. Do it at the start or at the end of every week or month.
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