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Implementation Phase: Controlling a Stage and Managing Product Delivery


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Implementation is the third phase of the PRINCE2 project lifecycle. During this phase the Project Manager needs to control day-to-day operations and lead activities of the Project Team in order to ensure the project is implemented according to initial requirements stated by the Business Case. At the same time, the Project Board directs the course of the phase and may initiate corrections and updates at the strategic level, if necessary.

The purpose of the Implementation phase is to start project activities required for producing the product. But only approved activities should be initiated, hence the Manager needs to provide necessary approvals to the Team. There should be also a level of autonomy within the Team. The implementation process should be controlled by the Manager who ensures successful execution of work packages and delivery of products.

Considering all the said above and according to the PRINCE2 methodology, the Implementation phase includes three higher-level processes, such as the following:

  • Controlling a Stage (CS)
  • Managing Product Delivery (MP)
  • Managing Stage Boundaries (SB)

These processes can be organized into simple and manageable tasks created with help of VIP Task Manager. By using this software you can represent the Implementation phase of your PRINCE2 project as a multi-level hierarchy of groups and tasks monitored by your Project Manager and performed by your Team. Letís find out what sample tasks you can use to plan the processes of the phase and how you can do it in VIP Task Manager.

Controlling a Stage

The CS process combines activities for monitoring and control of implementation procedures managed by the Project Manager. It forms the core of the Managerís responsibilities on the project and ensures that every stage (a scheduled set of work packages to produce an output with a certain amount of effort) stays on course and adequately responds to unexpected events and risks. The process primarily handles day-to-day management of the project.

Here are examples of objectives to be reached by the CS process:

  • Authorize implementation procedures
  • Complete assessment of progress during the project
  • Capture and examine project issues
  • Report on each stageís status to the Project Manager
  • Develop a correction plan for solving project issues
  • Report on completed implementation procedures

The CS process is closely linked to the MP process as it gives formal confirmation of launching implementation procedures by the Team. Without agreement with the Project Manager a work package canít be allocated to the Team.

Managing Product Delivery

The MP process governs relationships between the Team and the Project Manager to start implementing authorized work packages scheduled by stages. The key objective of this process is to ensure that certain products planned for every implementation stage are developed according to quality criteria and delivered within expected timeframes. Start of every stage should be authorized and agreed by the Project Manager. During the MP process, work progress and forecasts are regularly assessed per implementation stage.

There are three steps in managing product delivery. Hereíre these steps:

  • Accepting a work package. The Project Manager provides a description of products to be produced during the work package and specifies quality criteria for the products. If there are several work packages they are combined into a single stage that is agreed under certain constraints, such as time and effort.
  • Executing a work package. The Team starts executing authorized work packages. It uses the Daily Log to capture and record efforts applied. This document will be submitted to the Project Manager for review and control. Quality checks are done to ensure every work package is executed according to quality criteria. Records on completed quality checks are kept in the Quality Log.
  • Delivering a work package. Authorized work packages are executed by the Team. The Project Manager ensures that products of every work package are handed over correctly, and confirms the fact that the handover has occurred.

Managing Stage Boundaries

This process is carried out throughout two phases Ė Initiation and Implementation. The key activities of the process are to make necessary updates to the Project Plan, the Risk Log and the Business Case and to develop the Exception Plan that is used in case there are some deviations between agreed tolerance boundaries and current state of each implementation stage.

Using VIP Task Manager

The Implementation phase and its three processes are easier to manage by using simple tasks created in VIP Task Manager. Every process can be organized into a sequence of tasks having certain duration, resources, cost and priority. In Task Tree view of VIP Task Manager you can design a hierarchy of tasks and groups that are assigned to members your Team and monitored and controlled by your Project Manager. The Manager can use Notifications panel and filters to view status per task and track updates and changes made to tasks. Every team member can exchange comments with the Manager and colleagues.

Implementation Phase

  • Controlling a Stage
    • Authorize work package
    • Capture project issues and design an Issue List
    • Develop solutions for captured issues
    • Take corrective actions to solve issues
    • Review status of each stage
    • Review status of each work package
    • Receive and confirm completed work packages
  • Managing Product Delivery
    • Accepting a Work Package
      • Make a list of authorized work package
      • Specify quality criteria per work package
      • Combine work packages into stages
      • Agree constraints per stage
      • Make a list of agreed stages and share it with the Team
    • Executing a Work Package
      • Report on commencement of works to the Project Manager
      • Design Daily Log
      • Report on execution status per work package
      • Do quality checks
      • Design Quality Log and send it to the Project Manager
      • Report on completion of works to the Project Manager
    • Delivering a Work Package
      • Examine status of issues listed in the Daily Log and the Quality Log
      • Take corrective actions to solve issues
      • Confirm completion of work packages
      • Initiation handover of products
      • Confirm products are handed over
  • Managing Stage Boundaries
    • Review status of stage plan
    • Make updates to the Project Plan
    • Make updates to the Business Case
    • Make updates to the Risk Log
    • Produce an exception plan

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