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How to Manage Checklists?


All Travel Checklists

Haven’t you, as a computer user, ever dreamed to use a convenient and agile tool where you could easily manage all your tasks, checklists and appointments? If you wish to try out a program with elegant, adjustable interface making your tasks finely and clearly displayed, without any difficult or excessive functionality, then VIP Organizer can be the right solution for you.

As far as this tool enables you to quickly form up and manage to-do lists of your pending items, it is accompanied with a rich collection of ready made Checklists which cover a wide range of relevant topics: from Business and Project Management to Holidays and Family pastime. Each one of these ready made checklists can be uploaded into software and managed in a specific manner.

All checklists represented on our web-site are delivered in two basic editions:

  • Static data saved in formats of PDF or MS Word,
    (it does not require VIP Organizer to be accessed):
    • Tasks are saved as plain textual records following strictly one-by-one;
    • Tasks are not supplemented with any additional attributes;
    • Tasks are not convenient for quick management;
  • Manageable edition (.vpdb format) for VIP Organizer:
    • Tasks are saved as changeable software entries;
    • Tasks have sets of attributes such as Due date, Priority, Status, etc;
    • Tasks can be properly displayed, changed and managed;

Please note that VIP Organizer is universal simple tool for planning your time, and its utility is not bounded just by managing the existing ready made Checklists, but you are completely free to do the following:

  • Open different checklist databases quickly (change checklists to be operated);
  • Extend existing Checklists with any number of additional tasks, steps and groups to make use of them more relevant to your needs;
  • Create your own Checklists with your own tasks and hierarchy of task groups;
  • Delete and Change any tasks, steps and groups;
  • Manage your tasks: Prioritize, Schedule, Group, Sort and Move your tasks;

1. How to upload selected Checklist into VIP Organizer:
To start managing your checklists, you need to launch your VIP Organizer (whether you have 30-days trial or licensed copy), and do the following:

  • Make sure you have copied .vpdb file(s) into your desktop;
  • Use interface of VIP Organizer to open “File” option from the main menu;
  • Use “Open Database” option to get into your Windows explorer;
  • Select appropriate Checklist in vpdb format;
  • Make sure checklist’s tasks are loaded and displayed in VIP Organizer;

2. How to adjust layout of columns for Checklist in VIP Organizer:
In this program you can create, save and use different layouts of columns to represent your tasks in a more relevant way. For this you need:

  • Call “Field Chooser” option:
    • Right click at any header on the table;
    • Select “Field Chooser” from contextual menu;
    • Field Chooser appears (see the screen shot);
  • Drag & Drop fields you require from the list of Field Chooser to your table;
  • Adjust width and order of columns to better the view;
  • Discard all unwanted fields;

3. How to group and sort Checklist tasks in VIP Organizer:
Grouping tasks can better the view. It lets you displaying your tasks to be easily associated with certain values of their fields:

  • Select column(s) you would like to use for grouping;
  • Drag that column to the special area at the top of your list;
  • Collapse/Expand the groups as appropriate;
  • Left-click on appropriate columns to switch Ascending/Descending Sorting;

4. How to manage and specify Checklist tasks in VIP Organizer:
Tasks can be increased or decreased in Priority, additionally explained with information added into their Notes, dated with a help of their Due dates, etc:

  • Open your tasks to change their “Due dates”, if you wish to set time constraints;
  • Set Reminders to prevent missing your appointments and deadlines;
  • Change Priorities of your tasks to regulate your efforts (use Sorting to see the most important items at the top);
  • Change Statuses of tasks to represent their current state;
  • Use “Done” attribute to check-off any completed items;
  • Add textual records into Notes section to capture your ideas and information;

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