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Stress Management Checklist


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Stress Management Checklist To succeed in managing stresses at your workplace, you should be ready to address organizational changes and implement proper strategies. To learn more on this point, read the given Stress Management Checklist.

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  1. Set Goals.
    • Goals can embrace a wide range of things that are particular to your organization and its employees. Here are several basic goals:
    • To take the opportunity of establishing a healthy work environment.
    • To establish close and productive work relationships between employees and management.
    • To handle work challenges and resolve conflicts.
    • To allow employees to achieve better relaxation at their workplaces.
    • To develop a set of tips and recommendations to be applied regularly by HR department.
    • To encourage employees in activities.
  2. Stress Assessment.
    • Use Social Statistics of Your Organization. Often a growing scope of stress is caused by the following 4 reasons: employee absenteeism, illness, turn-over rates, and reduced performance. You should investigate the reasons and evaluate whether each of the reasons takes place in your organization.
    • Establish a Team. Such a team consists of representatives from senior management of your organization. The team will take care of identifying stressors (such as reduced salaries and long work hours) and investigating whether these stressors are wide or specific to each department/division/team of the organization.
    • Hold an Employee Survey. The team will be assigned to holding such a survey which is aimed at assessing the stressors that your employees face at their workplaces. To organize the survey, the team can use task management software (like VIP Task Manager) and create worksheets, templates, and questionnaires.
  3. Encouraging Employees in Managing Stresses.
    • Do Not Focus on Stressed Employees. The survey will help you reveal employees who may be stressed but you should not single out those employees. This means that the employees will not be offered to participate in some activities, but you will develop an enterprise-wide plan that covers stress reduction techniques to be applied to all employees of your organization.
    • Create an Incentives System. It is an important step to develop and implement an incentives system that will encourage your employees in interventions and assisting you with implementing your plan. For example, you can stimulate your employees by rewarding those ones who have actively participated in programs and workshops.
    • Distribute Ideas. When all employees in your organization are aware of your ideas, they can help you realize these ideas. You can use posters, meetings, newsletters and the corporate network to distribute your ideas at work.
  4. Apply Strategies.
    • Make Sure Workloads Are Proper. Often one of the key stressors refers to unmatched or non-optimal workload so that employees cannot do their tasks on schedule and then feel stressed. To avoid employee overload, clearly define each employee’s duties and responsibilities and then ensure the employee’s capabilities are in line with the workload.
    • Maintain a Collaborative Work Environment. When your employees can easily collaborate with each other and with senor management, they become more responsible and get more chances to support their colleagues in case of necessity. Besides, a collaborative work environment contributes to sharing risks, fostering a sense of control, and maintaining group decision-making.
    • Socialize Your Work Environment. If collaboration helps establish more robust work interactions, opportunities for social (informal) interactions between employees allow using games and exercises that positively influence the work climate in your organization.
    • Apply Employee Assistance Programs. Such programs are typically developed and implemented by HR departments and aimed at providing employees with professional advice on work or/and personal issues. The programs will act like icebreakers that allow you to decrease absenteeism and turn-over rates.
    • Consider Redesigning Workplaces. It is the fact that the scope of stress can be reduced if environment design is changed. Consider redesigning natural lighting in offices, using noise-masking materials, ergonomically designed workplaces, etc. Also it is recommended to let employees get relaxed and "recharged" by visiting a designated "quite" room which should be available in each office of your company.
  5. Apply Multiple Techniques.
    • Yoga. Consider hiring on-site yoga instructors who will help your employees get relaxed after a long workday. Yoga instructors will show how to make special exercises for quick relaxation.
    • Short Breaks. It is necessary to allow your employees to have short breaks several times a day so that they could take a 15-minute walk or just sit and relax for 10 minutes.
    • Support Groups. Consider instructing your HR department in forming support groups which will "talk" and "listen" to your employees and help reduce stress and gain more benefits.
    • Anonymous Reports. Sometimes employees feel stressed when they cannot find consensus with their colleagues or get in conflicts with senior management. That is why it is recommended to allow your employees to report anonymously so that you will be aware of conflicts and social problems in your departments and teams.
  6. Apply Work-Life Balance Strategies.
    • Flextime. Consider giving employees (especially parents and caregivers) flexible work schedules.
    • Work at Home. Consider allowing some of your employees to work at home. This option significantly reduces stresses and results in higher morale.
    • Extend Lunch Break. When employees have more time for lunch, they can get an opportunity for getting better relaxation and doing exercises.
    • Sick Child Care. Consider if is possible to provide a sick child care service to your employees. For this purpose, you can contact a local hospital.
    • Invest in Healthcare. When your employees are well they are less stressed and do more tasks. Consider investing in employee healthcare.
    • Turn-To-Work Program. Such a program is a kind of programs and it helps employees get back to work after an extended absence caused by illness or family obligations.

Order 750 checklists in MS Word and PDF printable format at $49.99 USD only. BUY NOW! 

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